Sigsig - Azuay, in Ecuador is well-known as the home of the world-renowned PANAMA HAT.   
TheToquilla Straw Hat, as we like to call it, became known due to the Ecuadorian workers who constructed the Panama Canal. It has been worn for decades because of its elegance, lightness, and flexibility.  Since the beginning of the 19th Century, it has been preferred by world leaders, royalty, and people with an appreciation for fine handcrafts.
In 2012, the art of weaving the traditional Ecuadorian Toquilla Straw Hat was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO, a symbol that defines traditions, knowledge, and skills communities have passed down from generation to generation as part of their cultural heritage.
We are proud to work directly with artisans from Sigsig who weave each hat by hand, obtaining a true work of art.